Why do I have to do seo when many people can do SEO themselves

Today I have the answer Because the science of SEO process is not just writing the content of the article to be good to read or called Quality Content only. Nonetheless, the process of SEO is good for me. Backlink father of every institution I have weighted the parts of SEO Offpage or Backlink more than 70%. Why do you know, get

Because that good article Anyone will definitely do it. However, Backlink is better than you get in your heart. And then before you do If you do not have a working group approach or computer guidelines You only need to use the ball to wade through the same thing. Customers contacting many people Still have the wrong knowledge or hire the wrong person who says to do seo. However, when checking for SEO or Backlink, almost there is no important thing. Still telling the customers that hey, don’t have Report Backlink. Just wait to see the ranking. Just listening to it doesn’t match and then request

Another wrong faith that I would like to adhere to here is here. Dofollow and Nofollow. You don’t have to be straightforward. Even so, Dofollow. Get the gray line seo because in fact you just get a backlink from Trusted websites or high SEO quality รับทำ seo สายเทา Google likes them anyway. If not true, I ask if you get a Nofollow Backlink from Pantip.com, are you okay? If not delivering it to me then can get Due to the fact that it is very strong, the following may be starting to understand what the theory and practice of effective seo is like.

Another point, get Some people are satisfied but only need to get a backlink from the text link in the article or anchor text in article. If not getting the backlink from the article, “we don’t take” either, get it and don’t send it. I like it very much. I always make customers is Backlink from Harvard.edu, which is not a Text Link or Anchor Text. Can only be put in a Profile Link or Link Website. Harvard Academy You don’t want any more. I never knew what to say and then request

Many customers fall dead on the Website. There is no On-Page update or difficult improvement because of the Engine that made the website. Or sometimes there may not be a place to improve SEO On-Page because of the misinformed web writing (Engine Website that I pointed out for the purpose of Website is WordPress, Wix and lnwshop are the easiest), so there should be a SEO adjustment, because if looking at the percentage it will be at (% for me If you choose to believe me

Do seo because customers are worried a lot about whether my SEO is white SEO or not gray SEO, right? Use the SEO program or not, let me know. I request that it is 100% white belt SEO for customers to be confident. For SEO, you can call to see the example of a customer who is ranked Google. Ranking SEO No.1, there are a lot of examples to look at. The hardest ever to do is SEO for Keyword, Volume Search 5,000,000 times per month, do until up to No.1

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