Rio De Janeiro Brazil Port Guidebook

From the outstretched arms of Christ the Redeemer to the famous beach of Ipanema, the city of Rio de Janeiro doesn’t have shortage of iconic sights for you to enjoy on a South America cruise. Ascend the dramatic Sugarloaf Mountain via cable car and enjoy panoramic views of Rio from the summit, or spend a day exploring the energetic neighborhood of Copacabana, whose art deco influence makes every block effortlessly photogenic.

Of course, Rio’s Carnival may be the city’s biggest annual festival, but the nightlife spirit of dance and partying exudes atlanta divorce attorneys bar, beach, and restaurant whatever the time of year. A Rio de Janeiro cruise is for lovers: lovers of tropical, sunny weather, lovers of energy, and lovers of adventure. In Rio, you are able to dance the night time away or climb a few of the world’s most challenging natural structures. No matter what you do in your Rio de Janeiro cruise, you will end up swept up in the city in no time. Visit for travsel info about rio de janeiro

Tijuca National Park
A jungle in the middle of urban Rio, Tijuca National Park was almost completely destroyed before the residents and locals of Rio realized exactly what a paradise they had on the hands and replanted the whole rainforest to safeguard the area. Scale the park’s incredible panoramic hiking trails. Don’t forget to avoid and admire among the several tropical waterfalls within the park. The summer may be the rainy season, so make sure you wear rain-resistant, hardy shoes.

Christ the Redeemer
You can’t miss Rio’s instantly recognizable monument of Christ the Redeemer, which has been immortalized in photography, film, and popular culture as a symbol of the city.At 125 feet tall, the statue provides a protective, watchful eye over Rio. You can hike the steps to the top if you’re craving a physical challenge, or you are able to take the funicular, or cable car, to the summit.

Ipanema Beach
Ipanema Beach has been the subject of famous songs and attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its shore every year. This beach is a company of Rio and embodies the city’s laid-back spirit. Lay out your beach towel or take a dip in the waters. You can easily spend a whole day at Ipanema Beach chatting with locals at nearby cafes or simply lounging beachside. Visit for more information about rio de janeiro boat and cruise tours.

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